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NextGen Framework
Pixel Strike 3D Title

It’s official: the amazing multiplayer FPS shooter you’ve been dreaming of is real! All of your favourite MOBA genres are combined in one perfect PvP game. Battle Royale, Bomb defusal, Deathmatches, Team Battles, Flag Capturing - just pick any any adventure you like! Try it once and you won’t ever stop immersing into the world of epic fights and thrilling 3D locations of Pixelfield game!

Coming Soon

Something is in the works, but that doesn't mean our other games won't be getting updates!

Check out our other games and we'll announce on our social media when this game is available.

Stunning Graphics

This game is great. The functions are good, the gameplay is amazing, and the skins for the guns are sick!

It's a very fun game. There are lots of fun modes and the guns are really good. It can be very competitive which will help you get better.

It is an amazing game to pass the time! The weapons, skins, weapon skins, and equippables look so awesome, I recommend this game. Good job Epic Stars!


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